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Tao​ ​M​artial Arts

Your Pathway to the Secrets of the Martial Arts

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Tao Martial Arts Tournament Participation

Tao Martial Arts is a registered studio with the World Tang Soo Do Association and strives to take as many students as possible to all Regional and World Tournaments.  If possible we hope to have students represent us in other regions tournaments as well.

Here is some highlights from our success:

2022 World Tang Soo Do Association Region 2 Championship, Peoria, AZ

Tao Martial Arts took home 15 medals in all and a Black Belt Grand Champion Trophy.

2022 World Tang Soo Do Association Championships, Greensboro, NC

Tao Martial Arts was newly established during the 2022 WTSDA World Championships.  Yet, Mr. Ferguson did take home 2 silver medals for forms.