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Chin Na

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We augment our training with the Martial Arts known as Hapkido and Chin Na. A joint locking and grappling system developed over the centuries.  As Hapkido is a Korean art and our core system, Tang Soo Do, is a Korean art we are happy to pay homage to their similar historical development.  Hapkido developed over time as a system designed to utilize joint locks, counter balance, and throwing concepts in order to defeat an opponent at close range or in response to being grabbed/attacked.  It is very similar to Aikido and carries techniques that would be recognized in Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Wrestling, and many other grappling arts. 


The main difference between Hapkido and those grappling arts is that they are designed for tournaments and controlled environments.  Hapkido is designed to be effective in more realistic scenarios, which is why it is utilized by military, secret service, and law enforcement around the world.  We choose to use this style to augment our Tang Soo Do training because of its effectiveness in real world application.  Our Instructor, Mr. Ferguson, has trained under multiple masters in Hapkido and other grappling concepts over the last few decades, and during his time working with the special forces in the US Navy.  Mr. Ferguson is a certified Black Belt with the Sinmoo Tangsoo Hapkido Association.